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Everything you read on these pages were researched, photographed and written by Eben Schoeman. All recommendations are his own, although he keeps an eye on online reviews from Yelp, TripAdvisor and several cruise forums.

Eben Schoeman
Eben Schoeman

If anything is wrong or outdated, Eben is solely to blame!

Eben spends several months each year residing between the Space Coast and South Florida. However, in hurricane season you will find him elsewhere. Perhaps the Blue Ridge Mountains, or the Rocky Mountains. Who knows?

So when things change at or near the cruise ports during the Florida summer, this website could be temporarily out of date. No-one hates an out of date website more than Eben so rest assured, he will write updates as soon as he receives them.

If you see something wrong or amiss, please tell him!


Your contribution is highly appreciated so thank you in advance!

About Eben


Eben’s entrepreneurship wasn’t shaped on the back of a napkin in a coffee shop surrounded by future internet billionaires. Instead, his ideas took shape in the mud at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa!

In 2003 he had a vision to help adventurers of all ages achieve their life goals and reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro – at 19,340 feet the highest freestanding mountain in the world.

With handpicked mountain guides, carefully selected routes and special equipment (such as comfortable walk-in tents and extra safety equipment), both the companies he founded (first Kiliwarrior Expeditions and later Taraji Kilimanjaro) became renowned as top outfitters on Kilimanjaro and the obvious choice for active seniors.

With many clients in their 70s and 80s, every trek was personally supervised by Eben to ensure their safety, comfort and summit success! For over 12 years Eben also led upscale photographic safaris to a dozen countries in Africa!

When Eben finally retired in 2016 from the rigors of Africa travel and the dangers of mountain trekking, he was grateful to reflect that his treks and safaris never experienced a client fatality!

That’s several thousand clients to Africa and everyone returned home safe! He attributed this to meticulous planning and trip preparation.

Once back home, Eben could shift his focus exclusively on his next project – writing, photography and helping travelers in North America!

Eben Schoeman’s Other Projects

Please visit this site to follow Eben’s progress with two new books:

  • Virginia Waterfalls
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway